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10x : €99

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5x : €50



IN-STUDIO : €79 




Power Yoga

Elevate your energy with our Power Yoga Class! 🚀 Experience dynamic flows that seamlessly blend strength and flexibility. Perfect for any time of day when you’re ready to release tension, find balance, and revitalize your spirit. Learn quality yoga from our expert teachers who cater to all levels, ensuring everyone finds their rhythm. Embrace the strength within and make every moment count on the mat.

& LIVE Music

Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive postures. Restorative yoga emphasises on relaxing and receiving. The deliberate stillness once you’re in a posture affects energetic and physical healing by calming the nervous system.
Enjoy a beautiful restorative yoga practice with live music. This practice is accompanied by using props to help surrender in deep stretches for a longer time.

Core & Ass

Shanti Vida’s fiesty convenient 45 minute ‘Ass & Core’ class is designed to effectively strengthen & tone both the glutes & core. In this workout, you’ll be alternating between dynamic glute moves and core exercises to create a challenging & engaging workout, which is sure to give you the results.  

Lunar VINYASA Yoga

Connecting yoga with moon astrology, enjoy a gentle Vinyasa Flow including moon salutations, mantras and intentions themed around the four moon phases. Lunar Yoga gives you deep insights into the moon cycle and teaches you how you can use the connection to the moon as a way to connect deeper to yourself. Synchronised with the current moon phase and zodiac sign – each class is dedicated to a different holistic topic.


Come and join us for an UP-BEAT vinyasa flow class, dedicated to strengthening both the mind and body. Benefit from the expertise of our authentic and credible teachers. This class is specifically designed to release tension, cultivate deep connections, and instill a sense of liberation.

HATHA Vinyasa

This Hatha Vinyasa class is a nourishing slower paced practice. The poses are held for multiple deep breaths and the teacher gives detailed alignment cues giving you and your body the opportunity to truly get to know each pose. Don’t be fooled, this slower paced practice is still a physically challenging practice therefore making it perfect for the seasoned yogi or the absolute beginner.

Advanced Vinyasa

Advanced Vinyasa class is a great class for anyone with an intermediate practice looking to expand their knowledge and try something new. This class will focus on progressions towards more advanced variations of arm balances, backbends and inversions.

Goddess Hour

Put a spring in your step at lunchtime with the deliciously sensual Goddess Hour class. It’s an invitation to explore ways that elicit your feminine power. Return to the wisdom of your body through chanting, meditation, sensual yoga and free movement. After an hour of Goddess practices you’ll come away feeling juicier, vibrant and radiantly alive!


This ASANA LAB practice focuses on taking your practice to the next level. Each week the teacher will focus on mobility and inversions making the extra time that we don’t usually have in the general classes. An advanced class is a great class for anyone with intermediate practice looking to expand their knowledge and try something new.

yoga beats

Experience the transformative synergy of a powerful vinyasa yoga class led by Luka harmonized with live rhythmic beats created by Emiliano.
Breath, Movement and Music become one until all you feel is sweat, smiles and serenity.
Join Luka and Emiliano for a truly immersive yoga experience.

candlelight vinyasa & nidra

Experience transformative yoga by candlelight, open to all levels. Flow seamlessly through Vinyasa, guided by soft illumination enhancing breath and movement synergy. Transition to Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation, surrendering to serene ambiance. Harmonize dynamic motion with profound restoration, nurturing body and mind wellness. Don’t miss this transcendent journey.