kinky yoga with alice and pau

december 3, 2023
15H-18H | 40€
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Join Alice & Paulina for a decadent afternoon of kink exploration, sensuality and deep connection. In this sacred and safe space, we invite you to embark on a unique adventure where you can authentically explore your desires and boundaries.

In kinky yoga, you’ll find yourself navigating the delicate dance between naughty and nice. This exploration isn’t just about indulging in your fantasies; it’s about expanding your capacity for pleasure while respecting your comfort zones.

The workshop will include:

Conversation about consent. Learn how to communicate clear boundaries that respect your needs.

Sensual dance to feel the eros within you.

A juicy kinky yoga practice with play toys that will ignite your kinky side.

Integration to discuss feelings and discoveries with a supportive circle.

This afternoon of play is for those who want to explore ‘softer’ kinks and reawaken their sensual seductress.

We will always honour your personal boundaries and encourage you to engage at your own pace. With a combined experience of over a decade, Paulina and Alice have been dedicated to leading women’s circles, facilitating retreats, and holding workshops. Their speciality lies in crafting transformative experiences that are full of love and respect for the women who join.


the shedding process with emiliano

december 16, 2023
18H-24H | 150€
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Step into a realm where ancient traditions and celestial energies intertwine, inviting you to embark on a mystical journey. Welcome to The Shedding Process, an ethereal experience of enchantment and transformation.

The transformative properties of magic mushrooms merge with the ancient art of sound. As you embark on this profound exploration, the veils between the physical and the metaphysical begin to dissolve, unveiling a tapestry of vivid dreams, spiritual insights, and profound self-discovery.

You will discover newfound clarity, insight, and a profound connection to the universe and your own inner wisdom. 

This transformative journey serves as a catalyst for personal growth, awakening dormant potentials, and nourishing your soul.

changa ceremony

december 17, 2023
14H-18H | 150€

Come in and feel the existence experiences itself through you. Changa is a smoking medicine composed by the same elements as the ayahuasca. It’s a different navigation process but still offers the same benefits.

It’s a loving and powerful medicine that brings back the sensation of oneness, for you to remember who you are. Discover your own universe through the eye of consciousness.

The ceremony is designed with a rape circle and a transcendental breathwork to prepare your body for a better integrationand unification. Awakening your instinct to expand all your senses with the sacred medicine.


DECEMBER 29, 2023
20-22H30 | 25€
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Join our Rise Women Rise women’s circles as we gather every month under the full moon. Led by Pau Luna we explore tantric and intuitive art rituals, harnessing the lunar energies and celebrating connection and community.

During these moon gatherings full of sisterhood, we create a safe and sacred container, in which we share, support, and hold space for each other’s truth, and medicine. Join us sister, and rise rooted in deep feminine wisdom!

Upcoming women’s circles in 2023/24:
. 29th of December: FULL MOON in Cancer / NEW YEAR SPECIAL
. 23th of February: FULL SNOW MOON