NOVEMBER TBD | 13 – 16:00 | €80

This workshop navigates us through pleasure, transformation, and creation. In this journey we unify sex love and consciousness, to recreate our life or simply experience the ecstasy.

We start introducing whats’s the sexual breathwork, how to move our sexual energy, why and what we can do with it. Then we experience it and the explosion of our energy, the openness of our body and sensations with our breath. After, we receive a hit of god molecule, a plant medicine that opens the vision in a huge feeling of love and unity, in a full expansion of our senses. Finally, we open a space for integration sharing the experience, celebrating the existence.

The Sexual Breathwork offers different techniques of breathing with a guiding meditation and conscious movement, to enter our own world, feeling and alchemizing whatever condition us, to expand our joy wider, to come back to our authentic self, in a world of sensations. The Plant Medicine (god molecule) brings us the answers, the center, the expansion of who we really are, and a deep feeling to be at peace.

We liberate ourselves from negative emotions and recover our state of creation, the Divine within. In some words we remember how to make love to life, to ourselves, to others..


Feel free to come dressed in white, or any other clothes that make you feel like a goddess. Dress up for yourself to connect with your inner Shakti. Please arrive in the space 10 minutes before the circle begins, so we open the sacred space on time. You can bring your own journal and personal items (crystals, jewellery, instance, etc.) for the altar to be charged under the full moon.

Contact Audrey on Whatsapp to book your spot.

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DECEMBER 12TH, 2022 | 20 – 22:30 | €20

Our RISE WOMEN RISE women’s circle on Friday, the 9th of December will be held under the Full Moon in Gemini. Moving towards the winter Solstice and a time of darkness, we will work with closure and manifestation. With the suns’s energy in the philosophical sign of Sagittarius, we will celebrate our growth and evolution this year and manifest what we want to call in next year through journaling and vision boarding. In this magical full moon ceremony we will open the space calling in all directions and spirit guides, learning how to create an altar and engaging in tantric rituals to trust our process. We’ll then open the sharing circle with a heart warming (vegan) moon mylk ceremony and oracle cards. To close the ceremony, we’ll dance and sing to celebrate our courage. During this gathering full of sisterhood, we’ll create a safe and sacred space, in which we will share, support and hold space for each others emotions, truths and wisdoms. Join us, sister, and rise rooted in deep feminine wisdom!

Come dressed in white to connect with the divine Shakti energy and bring crystals or other personal items to charge under the full moon on our altar.

In case of cancellation: If your cancellation is at least 24 hours in advance of the women’s circle, you will receive a full refund. If your cancellation is less than 24 hours in advance, you will receive a credit to attend a future women’s circle 

The RISE WOMEN RISE women’s circles at Shanti Vida are monthly full moon gatherings to celebrate sisterhood and moon magic. Women’s circles are an ancient practice where we have the chance to share our wisdom, medicine and vulnerability in a non-judgmental and safe space. In the sacredness of a circle we remember our magic and reclaim our power. Every women’s circle is unique, co-created with the energies of the full moon and the intentions of each woman in the space. The RISE WOMEN RISE women’s circles always include a guided meditation, tantric exercises, journaling, intuitive art exercises, and a sharing circle with a hormone-balancing moon mylk ceremony and oracle cards. We use creativity as a language of the feminine and honor the cycles of nature and our wombs. Come as you are, sister, and join us to rise rooted in deep feminine wisdom.

Contact Pau Luna on Whatsapp to book your spot.