Discovering Awen: a Weekend of Divine Inspiration



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Join us for a transformative two-day event exploring the essence of Awen, the divine inspiration that ignites creativity and spiritual awakening.

Saturday Evening: 18:30 – 24:00 Secret Plant Journey

Embark on a mystical journey with the guidance of Celtic traditions. This sacred experience, facilitated by the use of sacred plant medicine, aims to open your mind and spirit to the whispers of Awen. Dive deep into the realms of ancient wisdom and personal insight.

Sunday Afternoon: 15:30 – 20:00 Microdosis Cacao, Breath Work, and Sound Journey

Begin with a traditional Dispacho ceremony, offering prayers and intentions for peace. Follow this with microdoses of cacao to open the heart, paired with transformative breath work to align your energy. Conclude with a serene sound journey, immersing in vibrations that harmonize the soul and invite the presence of Awen.

This weekend promises a profound connection to the divine source of inspiration, blending ancient rituals with modern practices to awaken the magic within.


august 23, 2024
20H-22:30H | 25€


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Join our Rise Women Rise women’s circles as we gather every month under the full moon. Led by Pau Luna we explore tantric and intuitive art rituals, harnessing the lunar energies and celebrating connection and community.

During these moon gatherings full of sisterhood, we create a safe and sacred container, in which we share, support, and hold space for each other’s truth, and medicine. Join us sister, and rise rooted in deep feminine wisdom!

Upcoming women’s circles in 2024:

. 19th of July: FULL BUCK MOON

. 16th of August: FULL STURGEON MOON

. 13th of September: FULL HARVEST MOON

. 18th of October: FULL HUNTERS MOON


july 27, 2024
14H-16H | 25€
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To all mindful, energetically sensitive and curious souls:

Embark on a journey to ignite your body’s wisdom and unleash your innate self-healing powers.

Join us for an exclusiv 2-hour session where, after some gentle breathing practices, you will receive a one-on-one Reiki Healing session and Energy clearing, accompanied by the soothing resonance of a Shamanic drum, various singing bowls and other spiritual instruments.

Join us on this transformative journey in the beautiful yoga studio ShantiVida.

Energy exchange: 25€
(cash, revolut or bizum)


Reiki Breathwork
One-on-one Reiki Healing
Energy Clearing
Sound Bath

”True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero and leader.” – Yung Pueblo


sensorial awakening

august 10, 2024
17H-21H | 70€
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Do you feel like reconnecting with your body and with Life?

* Experiencing many dimensions of orgasm
* Healing your body and mind through your sexual energy.
* Releasing inner barriers, material blockages and dense memories.
* Spinning the wheel of manifestation
* Amplifying your intuition, sensuality and erotism.
* Being electromagnetic
* Using your sexuality as a spiritual path.
* And living present and in a state of excitement for life.

🔥This workshop is for you…

❤We offer you a safe, inclusive space, where you experience the freedom to be you, where to inhabit yourself and see how much greatness and joy you contain.

👉🏻Our plan:

* Opening circle
* Cultivation of chi.
* Conscious and sensual movement.
* Alchemy Breathwork – Sacred Sexuality.
* Tantric pulse.
* Quantum manifesting meditation (Quantum Nidra).
* Energetic transmission and Kundalini Awakening.
* Field closure and integration ….
With fruits to share and savor the deliciousness of life with all senses awake.🫐🍇🍌



New dates coming soon – 2024
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 “Discover vitality and purpose in this men’s circle offered by Kristoffer Hanson. He will lead you into a safe and trusting space, where you can open up to explore your masculinity, share your fears and desires without prejudice and learn from each other. Together you will create brotherhood, accountability and support, to bring this knowledge and way of being into your daily lives to be better partners, fathers and members in your community.