join US for
a four day
redefining retreat.

Join our senior teachers to enjoy the alchemy of study and play, in a retreat designed to take your Yoga practice to the next level – of course, open for all levels. Approaching each day with modules of MIND – BODY – SOUL we will weave and dance through awareness, strength, and flexibility. Our aim is to take you to a new space in your practice.



Mitch is an 800hr Advanced certified Jivamukti teacher of Jivamukti Yoga, a Physical, Ethical and Spiritual practice, drawing on a background of Ashtanga yoga and incorporating an effective modern approach to the teachings of Yoga. Movement and Breath are used as tools to harmonise the Body and Mind. Our sacred connection to the Breath is given the priority throughout all of Mitch’s classes. Understanding mindfulness to establish a strong foundation of inner peace is the outcome of consistent, regular and devoted practice.



Anna was introduced to Yoga from a young age by her mother, an Iyengar teacher. During her travels in 2016, she started to connect more deeply with the practice & since then has completed her 200hr Hatha YTT, a 50hr Creative Sequencing course & most recently, her 300hr Jivamukti YTT. Although influenced by many styles, Jivamukti Yoga – a method based on a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings – is where Anna has found her passion. Anna considers her classes to be creative yet introspective, placing a strong focus on harmonizing breath & movement, and physically challenging oneself while honouring the body’s physical capabilities & needs.



Yuli is a vibrant, intuitive, energetic & curious yogini who imparts her passion for life and well-being in her teaching. Yuli has 870 hrs of training behind her, and her style pulls from multiple yogic disciplines, and is both intuitive and steeped in the traditional aspects of yoga. Her classes focus on the idea of “witness observer attitude”, meditation in movement. She sees Yoga as a path to explore our inner selves and elevate our consciousness. Yuli works as a facilitator in Dharma Yoga, Hatha Raja & Aerial yoga – she also has experience guiding Yoga Nidra and Kriya yoga, and is the founder of the Ayama wheel method.



In 2020 Shelley immersed deeper in the roots of the yogic path and went to India for a 300 YTT in Vinyasa Flow. Her practice and teaching’s are designed to access “flow state”. Influenced by her psychology background, she honors the emotions, to connect with the physical body. “We embody the asana through the breath”. The breath is the link, it is connected to every emotion in the body. E-motion, is energy in motion, by aligning movement with breath we create space in the body & gain clarity in the mind. In her classes you will explore a mix of creative movement with asana, a powerful & energizing practice that invites your inner child to express.


Conscious Concierge 

As the founder of Shanti Vida Creative Yoga Hub, Desirea is passionate about sharing good vibes and creating a healing connection. Desirea is Shanti’s conscious concierge, meaning she designs personal programs for growth and wellness, empowering you to become the designer of your life. She supports you and attunes to a unique creative process of discovery. She is dedicated to the practice of yoga, breathwork, meditation, motivational coaching (NLP) and supports medicinal plant journeys. Shanti Vida (peaceful life) is her precious wish for all beings: a wish for peace in life.


Before becoming a Chiropractor, Raphael Miranda was a martial arts professional athlete. After a serious spinal injury caused by the multiple and inherent impacts of competing in high-level martial arts, Raphael found out that Chiropractic was the only way to get back to high-performance competition. From the patient’s standpoint,Raphael fell in love with Chiropractic practices, so some years later he decided to go to Chiropractic College to become a Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Neurology. Currently, his passion is to educate people regarding their spinal and nervous system health to live expressing 100% of their potential.