Reclaim your magical powers by learning ancient witch wisdom. Welcome to the coven dear sister.

Become your own medicine woman

Journey through the feminine archetypes & embody your multidimensional nature.

Experience your cyclical wisdom & power through a magical plant medicine ceremony.

Immerse in teachings of herbalism, essential oils, cacao ceremonies & somatic practices.

Alchemize the witch wounds, ritualize every moment & let your life become a ceremony in alignment with the seasons.

Together we rise by summoning the our inner witch  &
medicine woman through circles, singing, rituals and magic.


Emerging from the darkness of the crisp winter, we’ll celebrate our rebirth during the Spring Equinox. On Ostara we honour the equal amount of light and dark – within nature and ourselves, bringing light to the ancient ways of being. During this 3-night, 4-day experience you’ll be guided through an archetypical journey with feminine embodiment practices, nature meditations, a medicinal mushroom ceremony, somatic yin yoga, rebirthing breath work, herbalism, yoni steaming, essential oil alchemy, cacao and fire ceremonies, tantric art rituals, voice activations, witchy sisterhood & women’s circles. This is a reclamation of the sacred powers that lie within you. Powers that were stripped away by those who feared the true force of the feminine goddess. You’ll learn to revere the cauldron that resides in your womb. A sacred space of transformation and alchemy. Your coven of fellow witch sisters awaits you. Are you ready to meet them?





Paulina is a tantra yoga teacher, intuitive artist and space holder for women’s circles. Her dharma is to work with women and womb holders, focussing on tantric rituals, sacred sexuality, somatic shadow work, ancient womb wisdoms, menstrual cycle teachings, moon astrology and art therapy. Her aim is to channel creativity and sexuality as the language of the feminine, allowing women to explore their wholeness in a safe space.


Yoga Teacher

Alice adores conjuring up beautiful, feminine practices that help women to reconnect to their sensuality, reignite their vitality and harness the epic power within them. Alice believes deeply in the power of yoga to shine a light on our limitless possibilities so we can uncover our full potential, and is constantly in awe at the transformative nature of yoga. Teaching from an intuitive and nurturing place, Alice always invites students to connect and tune in as they move. She enjoys teaching fluid & playful vinyasa style classes that encourage students to explore their own individuality.


Conscious Concierge  

As the founder of Shanti Vida Creative Yoga Hub, Desirea is passionate about sharing good vibes and creating a healing connection. Desirea is Shanti’s conscious concierge, meaning she designs personal programs for growth and wellness, empowering you to become the designer of your life. She supports you and attunes to a unique creative process of discovery. She is dedicated to the practice of yoga, breathwork, meditation, motivational coaching (NLP) and supports medicinal plant journeys. Shanti Vida (peaceful life) is her precious wish for all beings: a wish for peace in life.


Medicine Sister & Sacred Space Holder

Audrey facilitates plant medicine ceremonies based on the God Molecule or DMT. She also gives sexual energy guidance through breath work, energy resonance and awareness. Along the last decade she has been trained as a teacher of alchemic breath work, sacred sexuality and quantum healing therapy. She is also an innerdance facilitator, and a Thai massage therapist.


The magical retreat house is located a 1-hour drive from Barcelona in the region of Alt Penedes. Our beautiful home for these 4 days is completely surrounded by nature with the most gorgeous scenery. 


These luxurious twin shared rooms are beautifully designed to provide comfort, privacy, and relaxation.


Sourcing only the best products, our meals during these days will consist of delicious vegetarian meals with healthy snacks. This is an opportunity to learn something new while enjoying a stunning and healthy getaway.



“Sometimes the universe conspires in magical ways. This was one of the most important things I’ve ever done for myself. Thank you for all the love and detail you put into this life-changing, deep and powerful experience. So much work & healing, exploring my femininity, sexuality, self-expression, and self-love.”

I feel so grateful for these days. Thank you so much Shanti team for designing, preparing, curating and executing such amazing experience with love and kindness. We felt nurtured from beginning to the end… for a new beginning.“.
MEL – 

I just had the most amazing experience where I found my tribe, my beautiful sisters. I discovered my true self with love and support from my beautiful goddess sisters. Shanti Vida provided a safe and loving space where i could explore my soul without worry. I felt loved, supported and taken care of in a surreal and energy filled fairytale environment. The most amazing experience of my life.!”
– AMY – 

The Witches Immersion truly exceeded my expectations. It was such a beautifully crafted retreat – from the yoga, ceremonies, breathwork & integrations to the music, food, location, & all the details, everything was so intentional & created such a safe, juicy, & expansive space for each woman to go through her own process of healing & transformation, while connecting with the group dynamic & sisterhood.
– CATIE – 

The Witches Immersion Retreat was orchestrated with so much love, intention, variation. From start to finish every detail was so carefully thought out and was the perfect balance to help us go deeper and to integrate the learnings from each day. I’ve never felt so held, so much love and so safe to fully surrender to my process. This retreat will be forever in my heart and in my being. I feel lighter, more expansive, renewed, and so much love.

– Gill –