The RISE WOMEN RISE women’s circles at Shanti Vida are monthly full moon gatherings to celebrate sisterhood and moon magic.

Women’s circles are an ancient practice where we have the chance to share our wisdom, medicine and vulnerability in a non-judgmental and safe space. In the sacredness of a circle we remember our magic and reclaim our power. Every women’s circle is unique, co-created with the energies of the full moon and the intentions of each woman in the space. The RISE WOMEN RISE women’s circles always include a guided meditation, tantric exercises, journaling, intuitive art exercises, and a sharing circle with a hormone-balancing moon mylk ceremony and oracle cards. We use creativity as a language of the feminine and honor the cycles of nature and our wombs. Come as you are, sister, and join us to rise rooted in deep feminine wisdom.

UPCOMING DATES: 24.06., 15.07., 12.08., 09.09., 07.10., 11.11., 09.12. (always 20-22:30h)
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The RISE WOMEN RISE Goddess Hour at Shanti Vida are weekly lunch time classes designed to explore your feminine power. 

Put a spring in your step at lunchtime with the deliciously sensual Goddess Hour class. It’s an invitation to explore ways that elicit your feminine power. Return to the wisdom of your body through chanting, meditation, sensual yoga and free movement. After an hour of Goddess practices you’ll come away feeling juicier, vibrant and radiantly alive!

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Join the women of Rise Women Rise at Shanti Vida as we take you on a deep journey to embody your wild feminine potential. Come as you are sister and delight in a 4 day discovery of womb connection, cervical awakening, sexual empowerment & wild woman wisdom.  

Harnessing a delicious blend of art, tantra, yoga, breathwork, meditation, journaling, embodiment rituals, dance and hormone-balancing nourishment, you will be guided to release limiting beliefs around sexuality, step into your full divine fierce and learn how to integrate pleasure & play into your life. We offer this long weekend retreat for those wanting to connect to sisterhood and themselves. To be in a nurturing space where you can place your feet on the earth, dance under the stars and raise your vibration. It is a time to fully sense the magic of who you are, embrace your wildness and ignite your life force.

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Join Paulina every Tuesday 20:15-21:15h at Shanti Vida for a Lunar Vinyasa Flow.

Lunar Yoga is a holistic fusion of yoga and moon astrology. It is a sensual, feminine yoga practice with intuitive movements, moon salutations and affirmations to align the flow with the current moon phase. In these mindful yoga classes we honor the cycles of the moon and include the elements of the Zodiacs into a slow, yet powerful practice. 15€ Drop in (included in Urban Sports Club & Membership)


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Join Alice as she takes you on a journey to ignite the flames of passion from deep within through ecstatic dance. 

Uncover innate movements that electrify your whole body. Dance to music that makes you feel alive and full of vitality. Let the wisdom of your soul pour through your limbs as you play, connect and unfurl. We’ll gather in circle with ceremonial grade cacao to share our stories of what pleasure means to us, to break taboos and feel heard amongst sisters. This is a safe space for you to come exactly as you are and be supported. It is for anyone who identifies as a woman. Are you ready to Dance Goddess Dance?

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Makawee is Rise Women Rise women’s plant medicine retreats designed to  explore your soul.

Makawee translates from the Native American language to mothering. It is our deepest connection to experience all there is. Connection through Pacha Mamma (mother earth), Grand Mother Ayahuasca and our sense of Mother. During this profound retreat for women we become the truth seekers, shifting our focus from the external to the internal world. As explorers we dive deep into our souls connecting with the universe. Each day will be an opportunity for you to birth what it is that you want to create for your everyday life.

Courageously, supported by women you will be able to experience your true self by dissolving blockages and break chains of past conditioning.

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Paulina discovered yoga as a spiritual practice while living in Bali. She completed several YTTCs in India, focusing on Vinyasa, Hatha, and Tantra. As a yoga teacher and intuitive artist, she creates a link between creativity, divine femininity, and moon astrology. Through her Restorative and Lunar Yoga classes, Paulina invites her students to connect to their higher self. Her monthly moon gatherings empower women to connect to their inner goddess, honor their cycle and discover their creative potential in a safe space.


Alice adores conjuring up beautiful, feminine practices that help women to reconnect to their sensuality, reignite their vitality and harness the epic power within them. Alice believes deeply in the power of yoga to shine a light on our limitless possibilities so we can uncover our full potential, and is constantly in awe at the transformative nature of yoga. Teaching from an intuitive and nurturing place, Alice always invites students to connect and tune in as they move. She enjoys teaching fluid & playful vinyasa style classes that encourage students to explore their own individuality.


As the founder of Shanti Vida Creative Yoga Hub, Desirea is passionate about sharing good vibes and creating a healing connection. Desirea is Shanti’s conscious concierge, meaning she designs personal programs for growth and wellness, empowering you to become the designer of your life. She supports you and attunes to a unique creative process of discovery. She is dedicated to the practice of yoga, breathwork, meditation, motivational coaching (NLP) and supports medicinal plant journeys. Shanti Vida (peaceful life) is her precious wish for all beings: a wish for peace in life.