One of the biggest challenges on our path to well-being and personal transformation is dealing with the past and especially with those events that have marked us and traumatized us in one way or another. A trauma is not only a psychological experience but above all an energetic bodily disorder. Many describe trauma as an internal fragmentation and disconnection of body and spirit. An event becomes traumatic when the person does not have the space or the ability to digest and assimilate the experience, the trauma thus remains blocked in the body. 

The healing of trauma has to do with dealing with the consequences that it has here and now, in the physical and energetic plane. It is about learning to manage and digest emotions as well as access and recover the survival energy that was blocked during the traumatic event. Releasing this energy is what allows us to activate the innate ability we have to self-heal and protect ourselves. Through the body and techniques of breathwork you will learn a unique way of approaching and releasing trauma.





Motivated by her own call to evolve and understand what existence is, she has had a 25-year journey through various formations that have been changing and complementing her paths, such as art therapy, gestalt, PNL, kundalini Yoga, Registros Akashicos, sound healing. A psychologist focused on personal self-discovery and the search for BEING she specialised in altered states of consciousness through breathing techniques such as rebirthing and meditation. The quality of her work is based on her own experience since she shares what for herself has been a channel of transformation.  

She will help you understand that every situation in your life has been there to help you. That the acceptance of your “darkness” or those facets of yourself that you do not like, are the basis for being able to find a path of fulfilment and unconditional love for yourself.




A psychosomatic therapist, creator of “The Way of the Body”, a body-based learning system that aims to integrate the different aspects of the human being, restoring health and offering powerful tools for personal transformation. He began his professional career by studying the Grinberg Method. His interest in the body as a form of learning led him to different disciplines, each discipline offered him tools to approach the path of personal transformation.



Aquatic bodywork practitioner and musician, focused on subtle listening and serene and supportive presence, on the fusion with the water where the recipients can relax, free themselves, integrate emotional processes and restore memories. 


The magical retreat house is located a 1-hour drive from Barcelona in the region of Alt Penedes. Our beautiful home for these 5 days is completely surrounded by nature with the most gorgeous scenery. 


These luxurious twin shared rooms are beautifully designed to provide comfort, privacy, and relaxation.



We collaborate with local farmers who are passionate about bringing delicious organic food to their neighbours. Sourcing only the best products, our meals during these days will consist of delicious vegetarian meals with healthy snacks. This is an opportunity to learn something new while enjoying a stunning and healthy getaway.


• 5 days INBREATH_ trauma breath facilitator training

• 5 days of luxury shared accommodation with 2 single beds in nature

5 days of healthy vegetarian meals

• 3 experts to guide you on your journey

  • We ask for payment to be made in Shanti Vida (Monday – Thursday from 17:30 – 20:30)
  • OR via bank transfer for international guests
  • Please get in touch by email to reserve your place. Please use the subject ‘ TRAUMA BREATHWORK TRAINING’ on your email.

• 5 days INBREATH_ trauma breath facilitator training

• 5 days of luxury shared accommodation with 2 single beds in nature

5 days of healthy vegetarian meals

• 3 experts to guide you on your journey


The magical retreat house is located a 1-hour drive from Barcelona in the region of Alt Penedes.

As a yoga practitioner, breathing has become the most important tool to connect with myself and the world around me. I have been experiencing the benefits and healing of their therapies for almost 10 years, I made the decision to embark on this training, which I recognize at first generated my doubts, since I am quite denied the virtual world, but today, I can say that it has been a wise decision, a great surprise, since it has exceeded my expectations, feeling grateful for all the great teachings that I take with me.

You can feel Catalina’s wisdom, talent, intuition and professionalism transcend even through the screen and be aware that energy travels far beyond the simple idea we have of reality. Thank you so much for that.


Words cannot express how grateful I am to Catalina for not only teaching me about the power of breath but also taking me on an incredible journey that I will never forget. I have learned an incredible amount about myself through a whirlwind of emotions and feel like I now have more than enough knowledge and confidence to make room for others. I am looking forward to what the future holds and can’t wait to facilitate with others and help them release and release anything that may be holding them back from their true potential! Catalina pours her heart into everything she does with such strength and passion and it is truly magical to witness. Thank you very much! This has been a truly special experience and I know this is just the beginning of a long and beautiful journey…it is amazing how people can connect in such a short amount of time once we realize that vulnerability is not a weakness and can be a great fortress.


When I signed up for Catalina’s breath training, I never expected to gain as much personal transformation on this journey as I did. I was so excited to learn how to facilitate such a beautiful technique, but on top of that Catalina opened up an incredibly beautiful space for us as we were learning and breathing in our own experiences and that was so powerful and magical. Catalina has a wonderful natural gift of teaching as she creates a warm and loving space for us to grow as practitioners. She is passionate about what she does and the friendships that have been formed throughout our time together, she has created an unbreakable bond for life. Thank you Catalina for creating such a magical space where I have been able to experience such profound advances, and for teaching me the best way to practice. I can’t wait to get into my practice with this beautiful modality.
I love you ❤


I 100% recommend the In_Breath training and that you know first-hand the teachings and guidance of Catalina. The depth of her, the warmth of her, the voice and presence of her break through the screen. This trip has represented for me a great opening of my intuitive and energetic channel, allowing me to act from intuition in all areas of my life, both personal and professional. I feel that the wisdom of life and my soul wisely guided me to this practice so that I will reconnect and remember the power so great that is within us. Mindful breathing has become an indispensable practice and I am deeply grateful for it.