200h Teacher Training

09/2020 – 02/2021

4 x 50hr teacher training modules

Fusing modern scientific exercise physiology and dynamic flow practices with the ancient wisdom of the yoga tradition, this comprehensive training will teach you:
♾Effective, safe Yoga for modern bodies
♾Anatomy & physiology of Hatha Yoga
♾Teaching methodology & finding your voice as a teacher
♾Yoga philosophy & history, from ancient sources to modern interpretation

The module features personalized tuition from an experienced teaching team, plus REGULAR CLASSES (2x/week) AT SHANTI VIDA for the duration of the training.

Graduates may count it towards gaining the RYT-200 certification with Yoga Alliance, the world’s largest and most well-known yoga teacher licensing body, or towards the Continuing Education requirements for current teachers.


Cabrils, Barcelona      30/10 – 01/11

Begin to establish a relationship with death with the most essential that is your body and your breath! The place where the two movements that make up life meet, expansion-inhalation-rebirth and contraction-exhalation-death. Movements inherent to human beings and nature. The balance between what we receive and what we return. Moments to open and close, to work and to integrate.
By healing our body, activating the personal energy field and restoring our memories, we manage to integrate the duality in which we often live.
By learning to breathe and to move, we open that space in our life, we have a basic tool to manage our moods and to be able to live life as we decide to live it. We take responsibility and action on ourselves and what we want to build.
It comes back to you through your own breath and movement. Clear your mind and body of fixed ideas and patterns that you have about yourself. Renew and restore your vibrational field
Francisco: Yoga + Breathwork
Des: Coach
Abel: Food
Dorm (4pax): 375€
Double Room (2pax): 500€
Single Room (1pax): 750€
+34 676844746
IG: lashantivida


     5th Sep   

18:00 – 20:00


Every breath is a chance to reprogram yourself, is an opportunity to change your behavior, is an occasion to unlock your true potential.
Join us every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at 18:00 for a collective breathwork ceremony.
What happens?
In the body:
– Increases oxygenation
– Boost energy levels
– Stimulates circulation
– Helps resolving addictions
– Reduces: stress, respiratory ailments, headaches psychosomatic illnesses, among others
In the mind
– Reduces anxiety
– Clears past memories
– Helps achieving a neutral mindset
– Improves self-esteem
– Helps relieving depressive and negative emotions
– Enhances the awareness of self-sabotaging patters
In the soul
– Deepens meditation
– Enhances the connection with the source
– Allows embracing our light and dark
– Expands awareness
– Develops spiritual gifts
Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month
18:00 – 20:00
* Not recommended if:
– Blood pressure problems
– Under psychiatric treatments
– Pregnancy



25TH SEP 19:00 – 21:0


Dear sisters, we will come together to celebrate movement, liberation and free expression through ecstatic dance. Join us as we dance under the moonlight with sand between our toes. Get lost in the music and allow yourself to LET GO.
Music will be provided on a playlist, please bring your phone & headphones so that you can dance in your very own silent disco.
RISE WOMAN RISE is a gathering of women that come together to support, educate and bloom. Each month a new nurturing topic and woman will arise from the group, sharing with the others her loving wisdom. This circle is to help us celebrate being a woman, honour all that make us unique and unite us in sisterhood.
Location: Marbella Beach
10 €
Email info@shantivida.org with your name
or Send a WhatsApp to Alice +44 7479 510 304